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3D printed phone case

Functional Testing

The Mojo 3D Printer proves that you do not need to sacrifice quality for affordability. Mojo 3D Printers create functional models out of ABSplus plastic that are strong enough be used as working parts – other 3D printers can’t do that. Mojo 3D Printers build 3D models allowing you to test form, fit, and function right from your desk.

Compared to rapid prototypes produced with consumer 3D Printers, Mojo’s ABSplus functional prototypes provide the highest level of precision. Don’t worry if your models need to actually snap or fit together. Mojo 3D models can withstand rigorous testing, holding their tolerances for years.

Mojo’s ABSplus is the same ABS used in many high-volume injection molding manufacturing jobs today. You’ll find it on your cell phone cover, television set and the majority of car interiors.

3D printed ivory foot skeleton

Medical Device Prototyping

By using Mojo 3D Printing, medical device makers are able to improve their highly specialized tools and instrument designs before they are cut from stainless steel — saving both time and money.

Medical device prototypes in ABSplus are easy to finish and tough enough for functional testing in clinical situations. They are also popular with medical device engineers because ABSplus approximates the injection-molded plastic of final products.

Beyond medical devices, the Mojo 3D Printer can be used to model human parts. CAD models based on CT scan data can be output through a Mojo 3D Printer. The result is accurate 3D models of internal organs that guide surgeons through complex procedures.

3D printed ivory cube artwork

Artistic 3d printing

The ease of use and affordability of Mojo 3D Printing is quickly making it a favorite for artists, computer graphic designers, film makers and more.

Jeff Dunham uses FDM Technology in designing new stage puppets for his comedy act. Perhaps you’ve seen Chipotle’s “Back to the Start” video, which uses models designed with a Stratasys 3D Printer. And Bono’s glowing, steering-wheel-shaped microphone that he swung from during the massive U2360 Tour? All created with FDM Technology.

Mojo 3D models are able to capture ambitious designs in real space, making them more relatable and compelling than a set of renderings. Mojo FDM models open up a new array of possibilities for your artistic talent, and can free you from the limitations and restrictions of traditional materials like clay and metal. Bring your artistic vision to life with Mojo.

*information from Mojo official website.

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